Multiple Experts (Fault Tree)

DPL offers a means for combining the probability assessments of multiple experts into a single likelihood (probability of occurrence). To do this, each expert must provide an assessed probability distribution, and a weight must be assigned to each expert. DPL offers an input interface for the process of determining these weights and calculating the expected likelihood. The weights used by DPL are determined by the reliability of the expert and the amount of shared information among the experts.

Entering Assessments of Multiple Experts

  • Double-click the node for which you wish to enter the assessments of multiple experts.
  • Make sure the Probability column is selected in the input grid of the dialog.
  • Click Multiple Experts. DPL displays the Combine Expert Opinions dialog.
  • Use the dialog to enter the experts' data.
See the Combine Expert Opinions dialog for more detailed information on editing expert data.

Versions: DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio, DPL Fault Tree

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