Creating Nodes Linked to a DPL Program

You can create value nodes in the Influence Diagram that are calculation-linked to values in a DPL Program by choosing Influence Diagram | Node | Linked Node | DPL Program Calculation-Linked....

The Add Values from DPL Program dialog will prompt for the names of the values to create. Once you have selected a name, DPL will create a new value node in the Influence Diagram. You can select multiple names in the dialog by holding down the Shift key or the Ctrl key while selecting names. DPL will create value nodes for all selected names.

If you check "Add as metric values" in the dialog, then DPL creates an metric node in the Influence Diagram and the value is calculated by the DPL Program and sent to the node in the Influence Diagram (the node will have no data). If this box is not checked, then DPL creates driver node and the data from node is sent to the DPL Program.

You can change a newly created driver node into a chance, decision, or controlled node by selecting it and choosing Influence Diagram | Node | Change To.

If you wish to create an initialization-linked node linked to a DPL Program, use the Select Variable button within Node Definition | Data and check "From programs" in the Select Variable dialog.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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