Detaching Decision Tree Nodes

You can detach a node and move it to another part of the decision tree using the ribbon or the mouse. To use the ribbon, select the node and choose Decision Tree | Instance | Detach. DPL will detach the node from the tree and place it to the right of its previous location. You can now move the node to another location (see Moving Nodes). To detach a node using the mouse click on the node and drag the node up and to the right while holding down the button. Once you see the cursor change to the detach cursor let go of the click to drop the now detach node/subtree. Move the node/subtree to the desired location using the mouse, and release the mouse button to place the node.

Use caution if you do not place the detached node on the endpoint of another branch. Any node not attached to the tree is said to be unattached. Ordinarily, a diagram has only one unattached node -- the root node. You cannot run an analysis if the diagram contains more than one unattached node. An exception to this rule is a performed subtree, which may be left unattached anywhere in the diagram.

To reattach a detached node, move it and place it on an endpoint triangle of any node.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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