Changing Node Types

In the process of creating and revising influence diagrams (or decision tree), you may decide that a certain node should be of a different node type than the one initially assigned. This frequently happens within the Influence Diagram after a sensitivity analysis, when value nodes are converted to chance nodes.

To change the type of a node, select the node and use the Model | Node | Change To split button(or press Ctrl+T to change to the most recent change to type). The Change To node split button contains five node types to which you can change it: value, discrete chance, continuous chance, decision, and controlled. The default node type is indicated by the icon, if you desire another node type drop-down the split button and choose it from the list. You can also right click on the node in the model, choose Change Node To from the context menu and select the desired node type from the drop down list.

If you change a single value node to a chance, decision, or controlled node the Node Definition dialog will open for editing. The value expression (is any) will be assigned to all states of the new node.

If you change a decision, chance, or controlled node to a value node, the value expression for the first state will be assigned to the value; other data will be lost.

You can select several value nodes and change them all to discrete chance nodes at once. Select the value nodes using the Ctrl key. When you select Model | Node | Change To, you can select Discrete Chance and all the nodes will be changed. You may then need to edit that states and data for the chance node's individually.

If you change a decision, chance, or controlled node to a value node and you have edited your decision tree so that it is no longer the default tree, DPL will warn you that references to it in the decision tree will be removed. You will have to edit your decision tree accordingly.

If you change a value node which has been used in a Value Tornado Diagram to a discrete chance node, DPL will fill in node value data based on the previously input values for generating the tornado.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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