Linking Existing Nodes to a Database

This topic describes how you can link existing nodes to a record in a database. If you haven't yet created the nodes, see Creating Database-Linked Nodes.

Before linking a database to DPL, you will need to set up your Workspace file to do so. See Database Linking Overview and the Database Specification dialog for more information. You may also want to look at the example databases installed with DPL to see how they are configured.

To link a node, follow this procedure:

  • Double-click on the node to bring up the Node Definition dialog. Click the Links tab.
  • In the Initialization links section, click Database (if the model is already linked to a database, the Model ID and Project ID boxes will automatically be filled in with the Model ID and Project ID of the record the model is linked to). You may edit these if you wish to link to multiple records with different Model and/or Project IDs.
  • Switch to the Data tab.
  • Click the Link button . DPL will display the Select Database Link dialog.
  • Use the drop-down list to select the table to link to.
  • Choose the NodeID you want to link to and click Select.

After you click Select, DPL fills in the nodes data using its database linking syntax. The syntax is as follows:


where Table_Name is the name of the table the node is linked to and data_element is the NodeID or specific data item within that table that the node is linked to.

Repeat this process for any other nodes you want to link.

Versions: DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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