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The Links tab of the Node Definition dialog is where a node can be linked to spreadsheets or DPL models. The tab can be accessed by double-clicking on a node in the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree and then selecting the Links tab of the Node Definition dialog.

Calculation Links

The radio buttons in this section determine if the node is linked to a spreadsheet or DPL program for calculation purposes. There are three settings:

Nothing: Indicates that the node is not linked.

Microsoft Excel: Indicates that the node is linked to an Excel Spreadsheet.

DPL Program: Indicates that the node is linked to a DPL Program.

Workbook and Sheet/Cell: Shows the path of the Excel file and the cell to which this node is linked.

If you would like to link the node to an Excel spreadsheet:

  • Click Microsoft Excel
  • Click the Browse button and locate the spreadsheet file.
  • Click the Range Names... button. DPL will display the Range Names dialog.
  • Choose the range you want to link to and click Select.
Alternatively, copy the cell you want to link to in Excel (by choosing Home | Edit | Copy or pressing Ctrl+C) and then click the Paste Link button.

Initialization Links

This section determines whether initialization links are available for this node. Initialization links allow you to use data from the spreadsheet for the probabilities and values of the node. If you are using DPL Enterprise or DPL Portfolio, you may also have database initialization links.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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