Getting or Paying the Value of an Expression (DPL Code)

You can associate a gain or loss with each branch (event state) in a decision tree with a get/pay expression. DPL adds all the gains and losses that occur along every path through a decision tree. This produces a value at every end point in the decision tree. Get/pay expressions begin with the keywords get, receive, pay, or lose, and can include any of DPL's functions. Paying or losing is equivalent to getting the negative of the expression value (for example, get -10 and pay 10 are equivalent).

... and get 20000
... and pay @sum(Cost1, Cost2, Cost3)
... and receive Revenues - Costs
... and lose Damages

If you tell DPL to keep track of several attributes throughout a decision problem, you must provide one expression for each attribute whenever you specify a gain or loss (See Multiple attributes). The number of expressions following the keywords get, receive, pay, or lose must equal the number of attributes specified in the program. If more than one expression follows one of these keywords, the expressions are separated by commas.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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