Sequence Section (DPL Code)

DPL sequence sections are systematic English-language descriptions of decision tree structures. There are two tasks to accomplish in the sequence section of a DPL program. First, you must specify the chronological order in which the events, or nodes, occur. Second, you must specify the actions, such as payment or receipt of values, that are associated with each branch.

The sequence section starts with the keyword sequence.


If you are using multiple attributes, or are defining an objective or constraint function, the word sequence will be followed by the appropriate specifications.

sequence (attributes = 2, objective = $1 * $2):

There are few limitations on the organization of the sequence section, other than the requirement that keywords marking the states of a single decision or chance event must begin in the same column. Apart from this, you may define a sequence section with as many or as few lines as you like.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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