Defining Decisions (DPL Code)

The following statement defines a decision in DPL.

decision Research_Funding.{Low,Medium,High};

The first word, decision, is a keyword and identifies the definition as a decision. The decision's name (or identifier) is Research_Funding. It has three alternatives (or states) called Low, Medium, and High. In a DPL program, you can refer to these states as Research_Funding.Low, Research_Funding.Medium, and Research_Funding.High. DPL determines the number of alternatives associated with the decision from the number of state (alternative) names you list between the braces. The period separates the event name from the event states, which are enclosed in braces.

If you wish to associate value expressions with the states of a decision, add them to the definition following the state names.

decision Research_Funding.{Low, Medium, High} = 10000,25000,35000;

(Defining these value expressions does not imply that they are automatically received or paid when the decision is made. You must specify this in the sequence section.)

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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