Displaying a Value That Depends On Events (Command Program)

You can display a value that depends on one or more conditioning events. Because a conditioned value has more than one expression, you must specify which state of the conditioning event DPL should use when displaying the value of interest. Consider the value SalesForecast, which depends on conditioning event BrandX.

chance BrandX.{Region,Domestic,Intl} = {.33,.40};
value SalesForecast | BrandX = 40200, 42088, 59998;

Suppose you want to display the value of SalesForecast, depending on two states of the conditioning event BrandX. In the Command Program you can type the following:

SalesForecast | BrandX.Domestic;
SalesForecast | BrandX.Intl;

If the state of the conditioning event had not been set in the above commands, an error message would tell you that the influencing event BrandX had not been set. The Session Log echoes the number corresponding to the specified states of the event.

SalesForecast | BrandX.Domestic; = 42088
SalesForecast | BrandX.Intl; = 59998

Another way of accomplishing the same result is to execute a set command before executing the command to display the value.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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