Displaying a Series (Command Program)

If you execute the name of a series as a command, the Session Log will list all the elements of the series. Consider the series UnitSales, defined as follows:

series UnitSales =
   from 1: 36075,
   from 2 to 5: UnitSales[$ - 1] * 1.15;

Suppose you want to know the sales figures stored in the series UnitSales. You can type the name of the series as a command.


With the Echo to Log command turned off, the Log displays the following:

[1] = 36075
[2] = 41486.3
[3] = 47709.2
[4] = 54865.6
[5] = 63095.4

Or, you can display a single element of a series.


The Session Log displays only the specified element of the series.

= 47709.2

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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