Data Report Grid

An Data Report displays the input values for a selection of inputs for each selected project in a portfolio. Depending on the settings you choose, unconditioned probabilities, values associated with decisions/chances and unconditioned values can be grouped together on a single sheet. For conditioned probabilities, conditioned values and arrays, each input variable is displayed on its own sheet. The rows of the grid are the selected projects and the columns are the input data elements.

Generating a Data Report

  • In the Influence Diagram, select the nodes (values) you wish to include in the report.
  • If you wish to produce a report with the previously selected report options, click Portfolio | Report | Run. DPL will produce the report.
  • If you wish to change report options, click the dialog box launcher for Portfolio | Report. The Select Data dialog appears. Any selected nodes will be pre-selected in the dialog.
  • If you wish, modify the selected report data.
  • Use the check boxes below the data lists to group variables and change display settings as you desire.
  • If your portfolio is linked to a database, you can specify whether to extract data from the database or to use previously extracted data. If you extract data, you can specify settings for the data extraction.
  • Click OK.

Multiple Groups

If your portfolio has multiple groups, DPL will attempt to produce a single Data Report for the multiple groups (assuming that option is checked). If you select data that doesn't appear in the models for all groups or that has different dimensionality across the groups, DPL will not be able to produce a single report. You will be prompted as to whether you wish to produce a separate report for each group.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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