Select Database Linked Values Dialog

The Create Database Linked Values dialog is used to create value nodes with initialization links to a database. To use this dialog, you select the table/query and Node ID for one or more nodes and click Create.

Table/query drop-down list

Use this drop-down list to select the table or query in the database where the Node ID resides. The Node ID list box will be populated with all Node IDs in the selected table/query.

Node ID list box

This list box displays all Node IDs in the selected table. For each Node ID, it shows its name in the NodeID column, the total number of values associated with the Node ID (Count column), the dimensions, and the number of rows and columns.

Select all the Node ID's for which you want to create database linked nodes. Use the Ctrl or Shift keys plus your mouse to select multiple Node ID's. Use the Select All button to select all the Node ID's. Click Create when done and Close to close the dialog.

Display Node IDs for latest revision only

If your database is configured for Revision Tracking (see Data | Database | Setup), this option will be available, otherwise it will be grayed out. Leave this option checked if you only want to see the Node ID's for the most current database revision. If you uncheck this option, you will see Node ID's from previous revisions of the database.

Create arrays based on data size

Check this option if you wish to create multidimensional value nodes linked to Node ID's that have 1 or 2 dimensions. Note that the Dims column tells you whether each Node ID has 0 (scalar), 1, or 2 dimensions. It is normally a good idea to have this option checked to ensure that the linked nodes you create will have the correct dimensionality.

Prefix node name with table name

This option affects how your newly created nodes are named in DPL; they can be prefaced with the name of the table, or not.

Create DPL program export nodes

If you check this option, the newly created node will have the Calculation links option set to DPL Program, and the node can be used as a variable in the calculation program. If you do not check this option, you can always add the calculation link later in the Node Definition | Links dialog.

Model ID and Project ID

These boxes tell you which Model ID and Project ID are currently linked. You can change these if you wish to create values linked to a different Model ID and/or Project ID. DPL will ask you whether you want to change all the links in your model.

Versions: DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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