Find and Replace Dialog

The Find dialog or Find and Replace dialog allows you to search for or search and replace text within node data and DPL Programs. Use the Home | Edit | Find/Replace drop down to bring up the dialog. Clicking the Find/Replace button on the ribbon bring up the dialog in the most recently used mode.

Use the check boxes to indicate whether to search from the beginning, whether to match case (match on upper/lower case), or search the whole word only. Within models, nodes are searched in this order of type: decision, chance, controlled, value and in creation order within type. Get/pay expressions are searched after nodes. As expected, programs are searched in reading order.

For models, use the check boxes to further control what is searched: node names, node data (including or not Excel/database linked node data), node dimensions, node comments and/or get/pay expressions.

Searching within node data also searches within a node's link if the node is linked to a spreadsheet, program or database. Multiple occurences of the search text may occur within one node between its name, data, comments, etc. The dialog indicates where each occurence of the search text was found.

To replace, enter the new text and use the buttons on the right to Replace, Replace All, etc.

To find text that may be on multiple lines (i.e., within a node name), use ^p for a line break. E.g., "line1^pline2" would find text with "line1" on one line and "line2" on the next.

Also remember that if you are searching for a string within node data or get/pay expressions, node names become DPL variable names. A node named "Upfront Costs" has a DPL variable name of "Upfront_Costs" and to find it within node data or get/pay expressions you would search for "Upfront_Costs".

F3 automatically finds the next instance of the text for which you previously searched. The dialog will not appear when you press F3 unless you have not previously searched for text.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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