Project Filter Dialog

The Project Filter dialog allows you to specify up to six criteria by which projects will be filtered when a Portfolio Anaylsis is run.

Projects can be filtered by any scalar value node, chance node or decision node that is common to all models associated with Portfolio Groups in the Portfolio. If you specify a chance node, decision node or conditioned value node, the filter is performed using the default states for all events.

Specifying a Filter

  • Select an input from the Input drop-down list.
  • Select a relational operator from the Condition 1 drop-down list.
  • Specify a value to test the input against in the Condition 1 edit box.
  • Optionally specify a Condition 2 using the Condition 2 drop-down list and edit box.
  • Repeat for up to six criteria.
  • Leave the line for a criteria completely blank if you have fewer than six criteria in your filter.
  • Select whether a project must meet all or any of the criteria in the radio button beneath where you specify the criteria.

The relational operators are as follows:

  • < means LESS THAN
  • <= means LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO
  • < means GREATER THAN
  • == means EQUAL TO
  • != means NOT EQUAL TO

If you specify equal (==) or not equal (!=) for the relational operator in Condition 1, then you may not specify a Condition 2 for that criteria.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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