Portfolio Properties Dialog

The Portfolio Properties dialog displays information about the Portfolio Workspace and provides access to a feature for exporting/reimporting the portfolio definition as a CSV text file.

To view the dialog

  • Select the Portfolio item in the Workspace Manager.
  • Right-mouse click to bring up the Workspace Manager context menu.
  • Select Properties.


Indicates the date and time the portfolio was initially created.


Indicates the date and time the portfolio was last modified.


Indicates the size in kilobytes (or megabytes) of the portfolio.


Indicates the number of groups in the portfolio.


Indicates the number of elements in the portfolio.

Load Portfolio Definition

Click this button if you've previously saved a portfolio definition to a CSV (see below), made edits to the file, and would like to re-import the new definition. DPL will replace the existing portfolio definition with the CSV file you choose. For more information see the help topic CSV Definition of Portfolio.

Save Portfolio Definition

Allows you save the current Portfolio Definition to a CSV file, allowing you to make edits to the portfolio definition file via Excel or a text editor. For a portfolio with a large number of projects, maintaining the list of groups and elements may be more convenient to do within a CSV file than using DPL's dialogs.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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