Group-Specific Export Table Information dialog

The Group-Specific Export Tables allows you to specify settings for group-specific export tables. Group-specific export tables are structured in the same way as tables that store non-scalar information (see Database Linking Overview) and as such can be used to export non-scalar information. Each Group in the Portfolio can have a numeric and non-numeric table associated with it. This dialog allows you to specify settings for all of the group-specific export tables across the portfolio.

Use the Add/Delete buttons at the right to add/delete export tables.

Use the drop down in the "Table" column to select the table from the database that will be a group-specific export table.

If the value of the Record ID field is supplied by Oracle sequences for export tables, specify the sequence in the "Record ID Sequence" column. This won't appear if the driver type is not Oracle or you aren't using an Oracle sequence for record ID field values.

In the "Append Records" column, indicate whether to not append, append always or only for new revisions. The third option is only available if the database is configured so that revision ID's are at the project level.

Specify the name of the field that will contain the project name in the "Project Name Field" column.

Versions: DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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