Minimal Cut Sets dialog

Minimal Cut Set options

Produce Cut Sets for Event

DPL Fault Tree analyzes the subtree below the selected event to find the minimal cut sets that result in it being true.

Limit Cut Sets By

In a large tree, there may be so many minimal cut sets that you wish to only look at those that have some reasonable chance of occurring. You can limit the amount of cut sets reported by specifying a minimum probability of occurrence and/or maximum cost.

Sort By

You can sort the cut sets by descending probability or ascending cost.

The cut sets are displayed in the cut set viewer and written to the Session Log. Cut sets can be exported from the view to a file. The exported files can either be comma-delimited files or xml format.

Generating Cut Sets

  • Select Run | Minimal Cut Sets.
  • Select the top event from the drop-down list.
  • If desired, select Minimum probability and specify it.
  • If desired, select Maximum cost and specify it.
  • Select how you would like the cut sets sorted.
  • Click OK.

Versions: DPL Fault Tree

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