Creating a Bubble/X-Y/Ratio Chart

This allows you to specify display settings for new Bubble, X-Y, or Ratio Chart e.g., Risk/Reward charts and Productivity Ratio charts.


For Risk/Reward charts or custom bubble charts that are not displaying the ratio of two attributes, you may select which attributes to display on the X-axis, Y-axis and in the bubble size. Use the drop-down lists to select an attribute for each dimension. For X-Y/Ration charts bubble size does not vary, select the attributes for the X-axis and Y-axis.

Grid Lines

X Grid Lines: adds vertical grid lines to the graph.

Y Grid Lines: adds horizontal grid lines to the graph.

Dotted Grids Lines: draws grid lines in a dotted pattern rather than a solid line.

Bubble Colors

By project: Uses a new color for each project. Some bubble charts may have more than one bubble for each project. All bubbles representing the same project are colored the same.

By Ratio (red to blue from high to low): For Ratio charts, colors bubbles on a red/blue scale from highest ratio to lowest ratio.

By Size (blue to red from small to large): For bubble charts, colors bubbles on a blue/red scale from small to large bubble size.

By Category Type: Uses a new color for each project category. Select which category type to use in the drop-down box.

Bubble Captions

For bubble charts where each bubble represents one project (Risk/Reward charts and Productivity Ratio charts), check Show to display a caption (project name) for each project. If Show is checked, you can also check Limit length and indicate the number of text characters you wish to include in the caption.

For bubble charts with multiple bubbles per project (Decision Alternatives Ratio charts), you can show or truncate captions as above, and you can further control how the bubbles are labeled:

By Project & Alternative: labels the bubble by project name and alternative name.

By Alternative Only: labels the bubble by alternative name only.


If you have checked By Project, By Alternative, or By Category Type for the Bubble Colors, then you can include a legend by checking Show and also choose where on the chart to place the legend. If you have checked By Size for the Bubble Colors, then legends are not available.

Versions: DPL Portfolio

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