12 Days of DPL 9 Features

You know the traditional holiday tune where one delivers increasingly grander gifts to his/her companion over the span of 12 days. I believe it draws a parallel to how one will feel upon starting up our forthcoming release DPL 9 -- licenses for which are now available for pre-release purchase at a 25% discount! It's the software tool that keeps giving when it comes to decision analytics, performance, interoperability and polish. So I give you Syncopation's interpretation of this holiday classic.

♫♪ By the 12th day post re - lease DPL 9 has offered me... ♪♫

  1. Initial Decision Alternatives Time Series Percentiles Chart
  2. DPL 9 Initial Decision Alternatives Time Series Percentile Chart

    Visualize cash flow over time for all your initial decision alternative to gain a complete picture of how uncertainty evolves over time.

  3. More Multi-Select Operations
  4. DPL 9 Multiple Selection of Get/Pays

    Multi-select any object in the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree to rapidly make multiple edits to the model at once.

  5. Enhanced Policy Tree Customization
  6. DPL 9 Policy Tree Display Options

    Choose to display path and/or joint probabilities on the branches of the Policy Tree and slim down your Fat Policy Tree by selecting which attributes to display.

  7. Influence Diagram or Decision Tree Focused Modelling
  8. Decision Tree-focused Modeling Mode in DPL 9

    There are Influence Diagram people and Decision Tree people, whatever way you lean DPL has you covered.

    Reference: DPL 9, The Tool for Die-hard Decision Tree Fans

  9. 64-bit Exe-cute-a-ble
  10. DPL 9 64-bit Version Indicated in Session Log

    A 64-bit version of DPL that will exploit the scalability of the 64-bit Windows architecture.

  11. XLSX Conversion
  12. Converting XLSX spreadsheet to DPL Code

    DPL now does Excel XML: convert an .xlsx/.xlsm spreadsheet to a DPL Program for a huge performance boost.

  13. Subtree Attributes (Portfolio Version)
  14. Specifying Subtree Attributes in DPL 9 Portfolio

    Calculate key metrics given success and under other conditional scenarios automatically as part of a portfolio run.

  15. Perform Subtree and Continue
  16. Decision Tree-focused Modeling Mode in DPL 9

    Perform a subtree and then continue descending the tree with further events so you can define your decision problem with precision.

  17. Pruned Sequential Decision Trees (Enterprise Version)
  18. DPL Decision Tree for Three Well Sequential Drilling Example

    Model sequential decision tree problems with ease by enabling the new "Allow even already active and halt with penalty value" feature.

    Reference: A New Feature that makes Sequential Drilling Decisions Easy

  19. Parallel Endpoint Recording (Enterprise Version)
  20. Setting up Parallel Endpoint Recording in DPL 9

    Divide and conquer by running a large model on several different machines at once.

  21. Probabilities from Big Data (Enterprise Version)
  22. Probabilities from Big Data in DPL 9

    Estimate probabilities and discover conditional relationships to predict the target event so you can go from big date mining to making the big decision.

  23. And Multiple Objective Functions in the Decision Tree!

    (Enterprise Version)

  24. Two Objective Functions Defined in DPL 9

    Who's making that decision? Optimize multiple objective functions simultaneously within a single model to get a handle on the actions of partners and adversaries.