Formatting Text

DPL allows you to control the appearance of text in the various DPL input windows and outputs within the View | Font group on the ribbon. When you select the text to be formatted, a description of the selected text will show beside the font type within View | Font. To change the font of the selected text, use the drop down box to choose the desired font. To change the style of the selected text, select the Bold, Italic, and/or Underline buttons. To change the size of the font use the drop down box and select the appropriate font size. Note that each text block is formatted independently.

Special Note for Influence Diagram Pane Font

If you increase or decrease the font size in an Influence Diagram, all nodes increase or decrease accordingly. If you select a very large font, your nodes may get so big that they start to overlap. If this happens, simply reduce the font size to the next smaller increment.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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