Converting Spreadsheets to DPL Programs

In addition to linking dynamically to spreadsheets, DPL can also convert Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm formats) into DPL programs. The resulting programs can be edited and run just as any other DPL program. Because DPL programs are compiled and run, they can be recalculated much more quickly than the corresponding spreadsheets in Excel. In addition, there is no interprocess communication taking place during the run, so it is faster and more stable.

Converting a Linked Spreadsheet

If your model is linked to a spreadsheet, select Influence Diagram/Decision Tree | Links | Manage. In the Manage Links dialog, select the name of the spreadsheet you wish to convert and click Convert to Calc Program. DPL displays the Convert Spreadsheet to Program dialog. Click OK to convert the spreadsheet, or click Options to specify the conversion options. Once conversion is complete, DPL will create a new Program window containing the converted spreadsheet. All nodes previously linked to the spreadsheet will now be linked to the converted spreadsheet. In the Manage Links dialog, the converted spreadsheet will appear in the DPL Calculation Program section.

If DPL detects any errors during conversion of a file, the errors are reported immediately to the user and recorded in the Session Log. If no errors are encountered, the file is converted and a message is placed in the Session Log stating that the conversion is complete.

Updating a Converted Spreadsheet

The converted spreadsheet is essentially a translated copy of the Excel file from which it was created. If you make changes to the spreadsheet, you need to re-convert it in order to have those changes incorporated into your DPL analyses. To do this, open the Manage Links dialog. Click on the name of the converted spreadsheet, then click Update. DPL will display the Convert Spreadsheet to Program dialog with the filename of the Excel spreadsheet. To re-convert it, click OK. The old converted spreadsheet will be replaced with the new one.

Converting a Spreadsheet Not Linked

To convert a spreadsheet not linked to a DPL model into a DPL program, select Home | Workspace | Add | Converted Spreadsheet. DPL will display a file open dialog, then the Convert Spreadsheet to Program dialog. Once conversion is complete, DPL will create a new Program window containing the converted spreadsheet. The program will appear in the Workspace Manager under "Unreferenced programs".

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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