Reserved Words

The following words are reserved by DPL. They may not be used as identifiers. All reserved words are lower case, and DPL is case sensitive.

about       else           log       request           then
abs         enum           log10     request_multiple  to
always      excel          long      return            tolerance
and         execute        lose      sequence          typedef
array       exp            lotus     series            union
auto        extern         make      set               unsigned
break       float          max       short             use
case        for            min       signed            utility
chance      from           mod       sizeof            value
char        gamble         next      sqrt              void
const       get            of        state             volatile
continue    given          on        statename         while
controlled  goto           pay       static            xland
decide      halt           perform   stop              xlor
decision    if             poke      string            xlmatch
default     initiate       pow       string            xlindex
display     int            prob      struct            xltranspose
do          integer        quit      switch
dont        let            receive   take
double      load_multiple  register  terminate

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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