Waterfall Chart

A waterfall chart display the starting value of some quantity as the left most vertical bar, changes to subtotals of that quantity in intermediate bars, and then displays the ending value of the quantity in the right most bar. The chart assumes that the total quantity is the sum of the subtotal quantities. The chart is created from two different Data Reports in which a particular quantity of interest may differ between them. You select the Data Reports from which to create the chart within the Waterfall Comparison dialog.

To generate a waterfall chart:

  • Ensure you have two varying Data Reports in the Workspace
  • Select Portfolio or Grid | Chart | Add | Waterfall Chart...
  • Within the Waterfall Comparison dialog select the two Data Reports you'd like to compare within the appropriate drop-down lists. For more information on the settings within this dialog see Waterfall Comparison dialog
  • Click OK to generate the chart.

Versions: DPL Portfolio