Chart | Format | Color

The Color group of the Chart | Format ribbon tab allows you to change colors of data items (points/bar/lines) in the chart. To change the color of a data item in the chart, select it in the chart first.

Color Fill: display a colored area under the curve.

Appearance: use this drop down to change the background appearance of the chart. Options included in the drop-down list are Nature (tan) or Gray.

Use palette: if you check this, DPL will activate and select color palettes from the Palette Gallery at the right. Use the scroll buttons to view additional palettes. You may not change the color of individual items with this checked.

Color fill : drop down the Color fill split button to format the color of a selected data item. Choices are: the automatic (default) color, a pre-defined set of basic colors, or a custom color.

To specify a custom color click the More colors... button. The Colors dialog will open. Click the Define Custom Colors to expand the Color dialog and enter the RGB or HSL values for the desired color. You can optionally use the Add to Custom Colors button to add the custom color to the pre-defined set of basic colors.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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