What's New in DPL 9

New Features in DPL Release 9

DPL Professional Version:

  • More Flexible Modeling: Decision Tree or Influence Diagram Focused

    Select which modeling mode you prefer: decision tree-focused, influence diagram-focused, or no preference (i.e., split halfway). Build your model entirely in the view you prefer.

  • Modeling Ease-of-use Improvements

    Multi-select any object in the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree to make multiple changes at once. Manipulate the decision tree via streamlined and more intuitive use of the mouse.

  • Graphical Output Improvements

    Exercise full control over the marker size in all charts and the percentiles and labels displayed in Risk Profiles.

  • New Time Series Percentile Chart

    Visualize cash flow over time for all your initial decision alternative to gain a complete picture of how uncertainty evolves over time.

  • Selective Attributes:

    ot a lot of attributes? With this feature you can slim down your Fat Policy Tree by selecting which attributes are displayed.

  • Perform a Subtree and Continue:

    Just like it says -- perform a subtree and then continue descending the tree with further events so you can define your decision problem with precision.

  • 64-bit Executable

    Exploit the scalability of the 64-bit Windows architecture.

  • .XLSX Conversion

    DPL now does Excel XML: convert an .xlsx/.xlsm spreadsheet to a DPL Program for a huge performance boost.

DPL Enterprise Version:
  • Multiple-objective Functions

    Who's making that decision? Optimize multiple objective functions simultaneously within a single model to get a handle on the actions of partners and adversaries.

  • Parallel Endpoint Recording

    Divide and conquer by running a large model on several different machines.

  • Allow Event Already Active

    Need to model a decision-problem in which it's most convenient to encounter the same event more than once on a path in the tree? (example: sequential oil well drilling decisions) Models these types of problems with ease by enabling the "Allow even already active and halt with penalty value" feature.

  • Enhanced API and Improved Database Performance

    Expanded functionality for embedding DPL in an automated decision support system and better database connectivity under the covers.

  • DPL does BIG Data

    Estimate probabilities and discover conditional relationships to predict the target event so you can go from big date mining to making the big decision.

DPL Portfolio Version:
  • New Given Success and Subtree Attributes

    Calculate key metrics given success and under other conditional scenarios automatically as part of a portfolio run.

  • .CSV Definition of Portfolio

    When just defining the portfolio is half the fun, manage your list in Excel or another program and import it into DPL with just a few clicks.

  • Element Definition Based on SQL query

    Dynamic project selection based on projects' characteristics in the portfolio database.