True and False Cost Data

Along with probability data, a binary event node may have true cost and false cost data. The true cost of an event is the cost of forcing the event to be true. The false cost is the cost of forcing the event to be false.

These values are only used by DPL Fault Tree when generating minimal cut sets. The cost of a minimal cut set is the cumulative cost of all elements of the cut set occurring (or not occurring if NOT gates are present). DPL Fault Tree gives you the cost of each cut set along with its probability of occurrence. This may help you determine the cheapest ways in which someone could deliberately cause harm to the system.

If cost data is specified for all basic events in a fault tree, DPL Fault Tree allows you to limit cut set generation by maximum cost as well as minimum probability restrictions. You may also opt to sort the cut sets by cost from lowest to highest.

Versions: DPL Fault Tree

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