Sometimes a fault tree is so large that it cannot be viewed easily in its entirety. In this case, a subtree can be collapsed into a single node that represents it. This does not affect the behavior of the tree; it is for viewing purposes only.

Collapsing and Expanding a Subtree

Ctrl+double-click on the node to toggle its collapsed/expanded state. You can also select a node and use FAULT TREE | Display | Collapse Node.

When a subtree is collapsed, a purple circle is drawn beneath the root node of the subtree.

Selecting a Subtree

Ctrl+shift+single-click the root node of the subtree you wish to select. All of the nodes, gates and connections in the subtree will be selected. You can toggle selection by ctrl+shift+single-clicking again.

Selecting an entire subtree can be useful for copying, deleting or printing a subtree. See copying and pasting fault tree nodes and printing.

Versions: DPL Fault Tree

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