Arranging Fault Trees

DPL can arrange your fault tree for you. This can be particularly useful as your fault tree becomes large. You can select to have the arranging done automatically or at times of your choosing. If the fault tree has only one top node, the entire tree is arranged relative to the top node. If the fault tree has multiple subtrees, each subtrees is arranged relative to its root (top) node.

Auto Arrange

If the Auto Arrange feature is on, DPL will arrange the diagram as new nodes are connected. To turn Auto Arrange on, click FAULT TREE | Display | Auto Arrange.

Arrange Diagram

If you prefer to tell DPL when to arrange the fault tree, toggle Auto Arrange off. When you would like DPL to arrange the fault tree, click FAULT TREE | Display | Arrange.

Reordering Nodes

With Auto Arrange on, you can re-order the nodes which are inputs to the same gate. Drag and drop one of the nodes to the desired left-right position within the set of input nodes to the gate. DPL will automatically re-order the nodes.

Versions: DPL Fault Tree

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