Referenced but Not Defined Error

This error means an influence diagram node was intended to be overridden by a DPL Program variable, but that variable was not found in the DPL Program. This error is usually the result of an unsuccessful spreadsheet conversion. Examine any warning messages that were issued when the spreadsheet was converted, and see if you can easily modify the spreadsheet to eliminate them. If you you are including a converted spreadsheet that had been linked, make sure the "Always Prefix Names with Sheet Name" option is turned on and convert again.

Some spreadsheets rely on functions which DPL does not support and can't be successfully converted. To check, go to the Program window containing the converted spreadsheet and search for "@na" in the file to find where the conversion failed. For a list of supported functions see Spreadsheet Functions.

If you are unsure whether your spreadsheet can be converted, contact Technical Support.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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