Influencing Event not in a Known State Error

Influencing Event not in a Known State Error

This error occurs when DPL tries to evaluate a get/pay expression in the tree and finds that some variable in the expression depends on the state of an event (decision, chance or controlled) which has not yet been resolved.

When linking to spreadsheets it is important to remember that any DPL Import node which does not have any influence arcs leading into it is assumed to depend on all DPL Export nodes.

It may be possible to solve the problem by moving the offending get/pay expression farther down (to the right) in the tree, so that all influencing events are to the left of it.

If you have an asymmetric tree and have accounted for this asymmetry in your spreadsheet (e.g., NPV is calculated one way if you decide to build a new plant and another way if not), then you may wish to turn on Ignore conditioning events in an unknown state (default states will be used in calculations) within the Model Settings | Decision Tree.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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