Adding and Editing Text Blocks

When working in the Model Window you can add text, such as titles and explanatory notes, anywhere in the Influence Diagram or Decision Tree Pane. This text can be formatted independently of the text that is associated with nodes (node and branch names).

Adding a Text Block

You can place a block of text anywhere within the Decision Tree or Influence Diagram pane by choosing View | Layout | Add Text. First, the cursor will turn into a positioning guide; click the left mouse button to place the center of the text block. Each line will be centered in the text block. DPL will not automatically break the text into lines. To break line use Ctrl + Enter keys.

Selecting a Text Block

To select a text block, click on it with the left mouse button. When selected, a text block turns magenta. You must select a text block in order to edit, delete or format it.

Editing a Text Block

You can edit a text block by right-clicking the text block and selecting Edit... from the context menu. This will put the text block into edit mode. You can also select the text box and click the Object | Edit command within the Influence Diagram and Decision Tree tabs.

Changing the Font in a Text Block

You can change a text block's font type, style and size by selecting it and using the commands and font type drop-down menu within the View | Font group.

Deleting a Text Block

You can delete a text block by selecting it and pressing the Delete key.

Moving a Text Block

To move a text block, click on it and hold down the mouse button. The positioning guide will appear, and you can drag the block to the desired position. Release the mouse button to place the block in its new position.

Aligning a Text Block

Text blocks are aligned as if they were nodes or endpoints. See Aligning Nodes, Endpoints, and Text.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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