Request Function (DPL Code)

This function asks the server application for information. The syntax is


channel - A number identifying the channel.

item - A named or literal string constant identifying the requested item.

The function returns the first number in the list returned by the server.

All responses must be in clipboard CF_TEXT format (ASCII text). All responses must represent numeric values in either integer or floating point format. When more than one value is returned, successive values must be separated by commas. Only the first value will be used.

If the channel argument of the request function is a constant expression and the containing expression is a constant expression, the function will be performed at compile time; otherwise, the function will be executed each time the containing expression is evaluated and either the channel argument has assumed a new value, a poke or initiate function has been executed, or a refresh command has been executed at the server interface.


request(channel, "tax_rate") * income

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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