Request_multiple Function (DPL Code)

The request_multiple function asks the server for several pieces of information at once. The syntax is


channel - A number identifying the channel.

item - A named or literal string constant identifying the requested items.

The function returns the list of numbers returned by the server.

Responses must be in clipboard CF_TEXT format (ASCII text) and must represent numeric values in either integer or floating point format. Numbers returned by the function can be used to initialize either values or probability distributions.


This example initializes individual probability distributions for chance event B with numbers in two spreadsheet ranges.

chance A = {.5};
chance B | A =

When initializing a single probability distribution, the spreadsheet range may either contain all probabilities or n - 1 probabilities.

This example initializes both probability distributions for chance event C with numbers in a single spreadsheet range:

chance C | B = request_multiple(chan,"c_probs");

When initializing more than one probability distribution at a time, the spreadsheet range must contain all probabilities.

This example extends the above definition to initialize values as well:

string S | A = "c_values_1","c_values_2";
chance C | B = request_multiple(chan,"c_probs") =

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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