Entering Text (DPL Editor)

DPL includes a built-in text editor. You use this editor when viewing, writing or modifying DPL programs. Using the DPL editor should be easy if you have previously used another text editor or word processor.

Entering Text

When you enter the DPL editor, you will see a blinking insertion point. You can begin typing and the characters you enter will be inserted into the program at the insertion point. The insertion point moves to the right as you type.

If your typing goes beyond the right border of the window, the DPL editor automatically scrolls the text to the left, so that the insertion point can always be seen in the window. Press the Enter key when you want to begin a new line or add blank lines. You can use the Tab key to indent lines or create columns.

The Insert and Overtype Modes

There are two modes for typing text: insert and overtype. The INSERT key acts as a toggle between these two modes to specify how new text is entered into existing text. In insert mode, new text is typed in at the insertion point. Any text to the right of the insertion point moves over as you type the new text. In overtype mode, new text replaces any current text.

You can tell what mode you are in by the shape of the insertion point. The insertion point is a blinking vertical line in insert mode and a blinking reverse video rectangle in overtype mode.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio