Displaying Unformatted Strings (DPL Code)

To display an unformatted string literal, simply type the following:

   display("string literal")

Consider the following clause:

   display("This will be written to the Log")

The string literal inside the quotation marks will be written to the Log. To display an unformatted string, simply type

   display(name of string)

Consider the following program definition:

   string ReportTitle = "Financial Analysis - Western Region";

The program in this example contains the following clause:


As a result, DPL will display the following line in the Log:

   Financial Analysis - Western Region

Of course, the same output could have been produced with the command:

   display("Financial Analysis - Western Region")

The display function, like all other DPL functions, always returns a number, not a string. If the first argument of the display function is a string or string literal, the function returns a 0.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio