Select Node dialog

The Select Node dialog displays a list of all the nodes in the model in alphabetical order, including hidden nodes and nodes collapsed within a node collection. For more information on hidden nodes see Node Definition | General. The dialog is accessed by choosing Influence Diagram/Decision Tree | Object | Edit with nothing selected in the model. To edit one of the nodes in the list, select it and click OK. The General tab of the node's definition dialog will be displayed.

Note: If an item is selected within the model, choosing Influence Diagram/Decision Tree | Object | Edit will open the appropriate dialog to edit the selected object.

Un-hiding Nodes

To un-hide a hidden node you must access the Select Node dialog, select the hidden node from the list for editing, and un-check the Hide box on the General tab of it's Node Definition dialog. For value nodes you can additionally un-hide the node through the Select Values dialog in the same manner.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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