Rainbow Diagram

Running a Rainbow Diagram

To run a Rainbow Diagram, select either Home | Sensitivity | Rainbow | One-Way or Home | Sensitivity | Rainbow | Two-Way. DPL then displays the Run (Two-Way) Rainbow dialog.

  • Click Select to choose the first variable for the rainbow diagram. DPL displays the Select Valuedialog.
  • Select the sensitivity variable from the dialog. If the sensitivity variable you select has conditioning events, select the condition states as well.
  • Click OK to close the Select Value dialog.
  • In the Run (Two-Way) Rainbow dialog, DPL displays the variable's current value in the model after you have selected it.
  • Enter a beginning (From) value for the range over which the sensitivity variable should be varied.
  • Enter an ending (To) value for the range.
  • Enter either the Number of steps or the Step size to run within the range.
  • If you are running a Two-Way Rainbow Diagram, repeat the above process for the second variable.
  • Optionally change the Evaluation Method to be used when running the analysis.
  • Click OK.

If the number of runs requested for the rainbow is large, DPL will issue a warning before proceeding. You can turn off this warning within the Sensitivity Run Settings dialog (Home | Sensitivity | Options).

When everything is specified, run the sensitivity analysis by clicking OK. DPL will run the model once for each combination of values or increments in the specified range for the variables. As with a decision analysis, a dialog allows you to change the status display levels.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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