Select Module dialog

Select a fault tree to embed

  • By default, the dialog displays other modules to embed in the current Workspace (indicated by "(local)" in the source drop-down list).
  • If the fault tree in which you are embedding the module already has modules embedded from other Workspaces, these will be displayed in the Source drop-down list. Select one of them to embed another module from an already linked Workspace.
  • To select a module from a new Workspace, use the browse button to find it.
  • To select a module from the current Workspace, choose "(local)".
  • Select the module from the Modules list.
  • Click OK.

Updating the Modules list

Click Update to update the list of modules in the selected Workspace source. Note: the Modules list updates automatically when you select a source from the source drop-down list or use Browse. You only need to update the list manually if you type a source directly into the Source box.

Versions: DPL Fault Tree

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