Adding or Modifying Bar/Column Charts

This dialog allows you to create a custom Bar/Column chart (Portfolio | Chart | Add | Bar/Column) or edit the series of an existing Bar/Column charts (Chart | Series | Data | Modify).

Data Layout

These two options are only available when creating a new chart. Select Column/bars clustered by attribute to display attribute values for all projects in a series (e.g., the NPV for all projects in one series) or Column/bars clustered by project to display all data for a single project in a series (e.g., NPV, development costs, etc. for a single project in a series).

Clusters/Bars list boxes

The Clusters list box displays the series currently added to the chart. The Bars list box display the bars currently added to each series in the chart.

Add Bar/Cluster

  • Click the Add Cluster/Add Bar button to add data to the chart.
  • A selection dialog will appear allowing you to add one or more sets of data.
Delete Bar/Cluster

  • Select the series/bar to delete.
  • Click the appropriate button.


Displays the selected bar as a point in the chart.

Versions:DPL Portfolio

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