Chart | Format | Axis

The Axis group of the Chart | Format ribbon tab allows you to format the axes of charts. To format an axis, select it in the chart first. When selected the axis lines and digits will turn magenta.

Title: check this to display a title for the axis. Select the title to edit it.

Base Delta: check this to display results as a delta off base (only available for certain charts).

Percent: check this to display probabilities as percentages.

Auto: check this to let DPL automatically determine the appropriate minimum, maximum, first major increment and number of minor ticks based on the data being displayed. If you'd like to control these, un-check the Auto box. This will allow you to enter new values for the Min, Max, Major, and Minor edit boxes for the selected Axis.

Min: set this to change the x-axis minimum.

Max: set this to change the x-axis maximum.

Major: set this to change the major increment.

Minor: set this to change the number of ticks per major increment.

Reverse: checking this box reverses the axis scale.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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