Global Drivers Dialog

The Global Drivers dialog allows you to define portfolio-wide variables that can be used in any model in the DPL Workspace that is indicated to be a portfolio model. Typically a model indicated to be a portfolio model will be included as part of the DPL portfolio via one or more portfolio groups. If there exist variables that could change globally, but still have the same value across projects in your R&D portfolio, define them here. Typically, Global Drivers will be corporate- or division-wide parameters such as discount rate, labor rates, growth rate assumptions, etc.

The Global Drivers feature has two benefits: it ensures that all projects are using the same value, and it allows you to run a sensitivity analysis to see how changes in these global drivers affect overall portfolio value.

The dialog displays the global drivers in a grid-like layout; the information for a single driver is contained in a row. Each row has five columns, a link button, links radio buttons and a slider control. The columns are as follows.

  1. Name: specify the name of the global driver here.
  2. Low: specify the low value of the global driver.
  3. Nominal: specify the nominal value of the global driver.
  4. High: specify the high value of the global driver.
  5. Current: specify the current value of the global driver.

The slider control allows you to incrementally change the current value by sliding between the low and high values. If you update the current value directly, the slider changes position. The current value is the value of the global driver used in portfolio analysis runs. The low, nominal and high values are used in the Global Portfolio Drivers Tornado.

Editing Values

The grid displays eight global drivers at once. Use the scroll bar at the right to scroll through the values if more than eight global drivers are defined.

Defining Links

If the data for the value you are defining resides in a spreadsheet or database, use the links radio buttons to indicate this. Use the link button () to specify the spreadsheet cell or database table/field for the linked value.

Add Value

  • Click this button to add a new global driver. A new global driver with a default name and values is created.
  • Edit the name and values in the grid.

Delete Value

  • Place the cursor in the row of the global driver you wish to delete.
  • Click the Delete Value botton.

Nominal -> Current

Click this button to set all current values of global drivers to their nominal values.

Nominal <- Current

Click this button to set all nominal values of global drivers to their current values.

Versions: DPL Portfolio