Select Database Link Dialog

The Select Database Link dialog is used to select the table/query and Node ID for nodes linked to a database.

Table/query drop-down list

Use this drop-down list to select the table or query in the database where the Node ID resides. The Node ID list box will be populated with all Node IDs in the selected table/query.

Node ID list box

This list box displays all Node IDs in the selected table. For each Node ID, it shows its name in the NodeID column, the total number of values associated with the Node ID (Count column), and the number of rows and columns. Select which Node ID you wish to use to initialize the node you editing from this list. Click OK when done.

Number of required values

If you are specifying a database link for the values of a three state chance node, then a Node ID with three values is required. If you attempt to select a Node ID with fewer than the number of required values, DPL will give you an error message and not let you proceed.

If you attempt to select a Node ID with more than the number of required values, DPL will give you a warning and let you proceed. In this instance, DPL will use the first number of required values (in reading order) of the Node ID to initialize the node and will ignore any additional data. For example for a three state chance node initialized with a Node ID that has two rows and two columns (four total values), DPL will use the values from row 1, column 1; row 1, column 2; and row 2 column 1 to initialize the chance node. The value in row 2, column 2 is ignored.

Display Node IDs for latest revision only

This option is available if your database is configured for revision tracking (you can turn revision tracking on or off by selecting Data | Database | Setup). Leave this option checked (the default) if you do not wish to see all the Node ID's from previous revisions of your database. Un-check it to see Node ID's from previous revisions.

Create DPL program export nodes

This checkbox appears if a new database initialization-linked node is being created. Check this box if you would like to set up a link to a DPL calculation program linked to the model. Data from the node will be sent to the value of the same name in the program (note: the value must exist in the program). This can be useful when you are setting up an database-linked portfolio model for which you have multiple records that will pass data to a DPL calculation program.

Create string nodes

Check this box if the node represents a string value. String nodes cannot be used in any calculations. They may be useful to report on qualitative information in a portfolio application.

Versions: DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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