Conversion Options Dialog

The Conversion Options dialog allows you to specify various options for the conversion. See the table below.

  • Specify the options as desired.
  • Click OK.
Default Option Description
Off Convert range names to lower case Converts e.g., Growth_Rate to growth_rate. Should not be used with automatic Convert to Calc Program from Manage Links dialog.
Off Convert labels to DPL strings Converts cells which contain strings but are not used in calculations.
Off Generate display command procedure Generates statements which can be used for (advanced) debugging in the Command Program.
On Embed unnamed constants Cells which contain constants and are used in calculations will not normally be defined as DPL values. DPL normally prefers "value B3 = 1 + 2;" to "value B1 = 1; value B2 = 2; value B3 = B1 + B2;" Uncheck this option if you want the constant values.
On Embed unnamed formulas As above but pertaining to formulas.
Off Ignore unreferenced range names Check this to have DPL ignore (i.e., not convert) cells or ranges which are named but not used in other calculations. This saves some memory but can be annoying, as output cells like "Total_NPV" are often unreferenced.
Off Suppress series generation DPL series are designed for fast calculation of similar formulas, as are often found in spreadsheet rows. However, a whole series (row) must be evaluated at once, so DPL series can be recursive even though the source spreadsheet has no circular references. Check this option if you see the message "series definitions involving X are recursive". DPL will generate less efficient code using values and arrays.
On Always prefix names with sheet name Convert e.g., NPV on the DCF sheet to DCF_NPV rather than just NPV. This should be on when using automatic Convert to Calc Program from the Model Links dialog.
On Suppress warnings Uncheck to see a message box for every warning.
On Replace with "@na" rather than "0" Unsupported functions are normally replaced with @na. This is a safety feature: if the expression needs to be calculated, an error will stop the run. Uncheck this to have unsupported functions replaced with zero.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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