Tornado Diagram Setup

When you run a Base Case, Initial Decision Alternatives or Value tornado, the Tornado Setup dialog comes up. The dialog allows you to choose which values or chance events to include in the tornado and specify other settings of the tornado.

Setup for Base Case or Initial Decision Alternatives Tornado

The grid at the top of the dialog is filled in with the chance events for the model on which you are running a tornado. For each chance event, use the drop-down lists to specify which of its outcomes should be used for the Low, Nominal and High setting in the tornado.

Setup for Value Tornado

The grid at the top of the dialog is initially blank. Use the arrow keys to enter or edit the values to be used for the Low and High setting in the tornado. If a value is conditioned by events, use the conditioning drop-down boxes to specify conditioning states before adding the value to the tornado. Under the Evaluation Method section near the bottom of the dialog you'll see evaluation method DPL will use when generating the tornado. To change it, click the Change button. The Run Settings dialog will open. Set the radio button to the desired evaluation method for the tornado run.

To remove a value, select it in the grid and click Remove. If you have already added a conditioned value to the grid and would like to replace it with a different set of conditioning states, click Replace. You may add the same value to the tornado multiple times with different sets of conditioning states.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio

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