Confirm Delete/Close dialog

When working in DPL, many documents (Models, Tornadoes, Policy Trees, etc.) may be contained within a single DPL Workspace (.da) file. Closing the window for one of these documents deletes it from the Workspace.

There are many ways to close a window within DPL. You can click the close button ([X]) in the upper right corner of the window or the ([X]) on the document tab for a child window. You can also select delete from the ribbon (Home | Workspace | Delete) or press Ctrl+F4. With whichever method you choose to delete a document, DPL will always confirm you want to do so -- unless you have the clear unsaved outputs without prompting setting checked within the Run Settings dialog.

Delete (document type) (Model, Tornado, Risk Profile Chart, etc.)

Click this button to permanently delete the document from your DPL Workspace (.da) file.


Click to cancel the operation and do nothing.

You may also have several outputs associated with a particular model. If you would like to delete all of the unsaved outputs associated with a model, activate the model and choose Home | Workspace | Clear Mem. DPL will confirm you want to do so.

This will clear any unsaved results for (model name). Continue?

Click Yes to delete outputs or No to cancel the operation and do nothing.

Versions: DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio