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A DPL Fault Tree Analysis of GDPR Risk

by Nicki Franz Mon, 2018-05-21 14:53

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm confident that you've heard about the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that go into effect on May 25, 2018. Over the last month you've likely been barraged by dozens of "Privacy Policy Update" emails as companies scurry to come into compliance with these expansive new regulations.

In response, Syncopation Software has published a timely, two-part software video series in which the risk of a GDPR violation is graphically broken down, with direct references to the regulation text, in the form of a DPL Fault Tree. In the first part we provide an overview of the GDPR fault tree and results which provide the likelihood of a company violating the new regulations. In the second part a DPL Decision model incorporating the GDPR Fault Tree as an embedded module is leveraged to ascertain the least costly GDPR compliance strategy given the uncertainties surrounding the regulation's interpretation, regulator's enforcement posture, and the costs associated with compliance and violations. Embedded below is the first video of the series, there is a link to play the second part at the end of the first:

Furthermore, DPL 9 Fault Tree beta testing is wrapping up! If you want to try out DPL Fault Tree or take a closer look at the DPL Fault Tree workspace used within the GDPR video series mentioned above -- we encourage you to request a FREE 21-day trial license of DPL 9 Fault Tree now available from our website. DPL 9 Fault Tree includes all of the features and analytics of DPL 9 Professional, plus the ability to build and analyze fault trees. To request a free trial follow the link below:

There is a link to download the GDPR Fault Tree and DPL Decision Model both on the trial page above and within the YouTube video descriptions.