Windows 10 is OK

Windows 10 has been officially out for a few weeks now. Most corporate users will be quietly and productively plugging away on Windows 7 for some time, but in the comsumer/student space Windows 10 is replacing Windows 8/8.1, and that is a good thing.

Our take is that Windows 10 is the Oklahoma of operating systems: it is OK. It keeps the good aspects of Windows 8, including clean visuals and touch, while giving desktop users what they expect to do actual work. Windows 10 is the next in line of the sensible, practical Windows versions, along with the dead but immortal Windows XP and the current safe bet Windows 7. It’s probably a good idea to migrate to Windows 10 at some point, since if the recent pattern continues, the next Windows could be a doozy.

DPL 8 is of course more than happy to run on Windows 10, as well as 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (if you must), and XP.