Move Aside Decision Quality -- Decision Comfort is Here!

It’s time to feel better about your decisions!

Ask yourself: When you strive for perfection in decision making, when you go the extra mile to hunt up that critical assessment or wrack your brain in search of yet another creative alternative, is it possible you’re just trying too hard?

Pretty good decisions

Most people in the field of decision analysis are wrongly focused on the utopian fantasy of “gold standard” DA. But here’s the problem, in the real world, even bronze standard DA is way beyond the capability or patience of most organizations. Framing, modelling, elicitation, interpretation, iteration … the process can stretch on for months!

If your goal is to get the job done and have your weekends back, you need to focus on Duct Tape standard DA. Don’t worry, anybody can do it!

Duct Tape DA is about introducing just enough management science that your work looks like serious analysis. Don’t have time for framing? Don’t worry about it, just assume the big question is the one you can answer with the spreadsheet you already have. No subject matter experts for assessments? Hey, what’s wrong with +/-10%? Doesn’t get any more objective than that. Just throw some chance nodes in a model and plow ahead at internet speed!

Focus on what really matters: your feelings

Decision Quality was all the rage in the 90’s and aughts, but now we’re urging our customers and clients to focus on Decision Comfort™. Decision Comfort is simply a measure of how good you feel about the decision. And feeling good is important – in recent research, 7 out of 10 ivy league MBA’s said they believed morale was more important than strategy to the success of a business. Who cares about all that normative gobbledygook if the decision doesn’t feel right?

Cutting edge technology

Syncopation’s commitment to Decision Comfort is much deeper than just cheerleading. Our patent-pending Cognitive Dissonance Avoidance Technology (C-DAT) can help filter out results which cast doubt on the strategy you’ve already decided upon. I mean, who wants second thoughts when you’re preparing that slick presentation to senior management? The forthcoming version of DPL will even include mood enhancing visuals based on rigorous, proven color therapy.

You can expect to hear more from us about Decision Comfort, C-DAT and Duct Tape standard DA in the months to come.

On this first day of April, crack open a cool one and bask in the warm glow of Decision Comfort!