HBR on Chevron's Approach to Decision Making

Larry Neal and Carl Spetzler have a recent article in Harvard Business Review which explains Chevron's multi-decade commitment to Decision Quality (of which Decision Analysis is a key part).

This is a bit like when that alternative band you've been listening to forever ends up playing on Saturday Night Live -- you think "Gee, I thought nobody else knew they were good". I'm often lamenting the lack of attention Decision Analysis receives in the mainstream business press, so be it known that I think this is a fabulous placement, very good news for the field.

I'm still reacting to the article itself. I probably agree with nearly every opinion expressed in it, and am curious about all the events described, but taking the piece as a whole, it's hard to find the beat (to return to the musical analogy). Perhaps that's due to the constraints of space, after all, a book could surely be written on Chevron's transformation. I'm going to see how some of my friends and colleagues outside the DA choir react to it, and try to see what Chevron DQ/DA looks like through their eyes.